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Manufacturers Representatives for Over 35 Years


Manufacturers Representatives

for Over 30 Years


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American Electronic Components, Inc. (AEC) offers the following Product brands:

DURAKOOL Relays, Contactors, Pushbuttons, 

   Switches and Sensors.

HERMASEAL Glass-to-Metal Seals for

   feedthroughs, headers, sight glasses; plus

   ceramic to glass bonding and vacuum brazing.

ELESTA Force Guided Contact Safety Relays.


Switches: Rocker, Toggle, Pushbutton and Rotary

Circuit Breakers: Magnetic / Hydraulic.

Power Distribution Centers and Electronic Control Systems

Automation & Controls
Motors - DC Brush & Brushless, Fractional and Synchronous & Stepper                Switches - Limit, Snap Action


Comprehensive line of Ferrite Components in a wide range of materials and geometries for EMI Suppression, Power Applications and RFID Antennas


A full service Design Engineering, Product Development, and Manufacturerof PCBAssemblies to FullTurn-Keycapabilities


A full service design engineering, product development, and manufacturer, with a quick turn (24 hour) prototype PCB assembly facility for quantities as low as one piece.


PrintedCircuitBoards: Double Sided, Multi-Layer (Up to 16 Layers) and Circuit Board Assemblies. FlexCircuits: Single, Double, Multi-Layer and Assemblies. Dual Technology Boards and Assemblies.


Aluminum & Zinc Custom Die-casting & Extrusions. HeatSinks. Turn Key and Off-Shore Assemblies

Capacitors: Aluminum electrolytic, plastic film and noise filters.


Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings, Strain Reliefs for Hazardous Areas, Thread Adapters, Enlargers, Reducers, Conduit Systems, Circular Connectors, Enclosures

Incandescent, Neon, Axial filament halogen, and LED lamps, relampable and non-relampable panel mount indicator lights, value added assemblies and custom lighted products.


Circuit Protection, antennas, NEC Relays and Lite on Semiconductors. 

DC and AC Electric Cooling Fans and Axial Fans.
5, 12 or 48VDC; AC Fans 25mm to 89mm depth.
Blower Fans and Thermal Design Modules available
Including heat sinks. Value added assemblies.